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AOP Languedoc La Clape

Tasting notes :

深红的,宝石色的颜色。 能闻到樱桃,摩卡可可的混合的味道。香气柔和。品尝起来口感丰富,浑厚且伴随着丝滑般的流畅。成熟的水果香味让她最大潜力地保留了此酒的优雅和个性。

Grapes Varieties (葡萄品种)

85% Mourvèdre (墓合怀特85 %),

10% Grenache (歌海娜10 %),

5% Syrah (西拉50%),


葡萄树剪成个枝桠的短枝,每棵葡萄只留4-6 串葡萄,并选择熟透的葡萄手工采摘。




Luc  Baudet


用产自法国朗格多克.科多葡萄种植区的葡萄制成,葡萄年份2007 France 原酒庄罐瓶贴标

Soils (土壤)

葡萄树龄90 年,精选90-150 年历史的葡萄园地块,土壤里含有Villafranchian 砾石,从而具有非常好的过滤特性的石子。


每瓶750ml /eavy Style Bottle 750 ml

每箱瓶 / Card boxes by 6 bottles (法国原装木箱)


在位于Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape 地区的La Negly 庄园,Rosset 和 Chamontin 是两位大名鼎鼎的人物。Cyril Chamontin 是一位酿酒师,但庄园主Jean-Paul Rosset 也作出了很大的贡献。他们俩人的顾问是Claude Gros。他们形成了一个非常有效的三人小组, 酿造出一系列在Languedoc 地区最为知名的葡萄酒。

Rosset 不再将葡萄卖给合作社,而是在庄园里将其制成一瓶瓶的葡萄酒。最终的产品真的是,简而言之,非常地棒。顶尖Porte du Ciel 葡萄酒的价格标签通常是与Bordeaux Burgundy 联系在一起,而不是Languedoc 庄园。



Château de la Negly is located in the Coteaux du Languedoc AOC, in the south of France, between the cities of Narbonne and Béziers. La Clape is a rocky, scrub-strewn hill that rises almost straight up from the Mediterranean. Wine has been produced here since Roman times. The "La Clape" Massif was an island until the river "Aude" silted up in the Middle Ages.

In the 18th century, the castle (château) was called Ancely; in 1781 the property took the name of Nerly and was finally called Negly in 1807. The Rosset family has owned Château de la Negly for decades, using it as a holiday retreat. The vines behind it were regarded by Rosset's father as a minor source of income, rather than the starting point for world-class wines as Jean-Paul saw it. "The soil and site are outstanding, "he explained" Someone just had to put in the effort.


Jean Paux Rosset

A wine estate only deserves the title of Château if, and only if, this recognition has been granted in the past.

Négly’s recognition begins in the XVIIIth century when it was called Château d’Ancely.

In 1781, the property took on the name of Nerly and was finally called LA NÉGLY in 1807.

Several families followed and ran the estate. In the thirties, the Piquemal family movesd into the château before handing it over in 1992 to Jean Paux-Rosset.

The Paux-Rosset family opts for quality production and the entire vineyard is revised and tailored to meet these requirements. The nearby Boède estate was taken as a farm lease.

With the help of oenologist consultant Claude Gross, the entire wine-making process is revised in order to reach one goal: quality production.

Together, they acquired the Boède estate in 2006, along with a third partner, Alain Wittner.


Our savoir-faire

Négly’s vineyards extend over 50 hectares (approximately 123 acres) and Boède’s vineyards stretch over 25 hectares (approximately 62 acres).

To enhance quality, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre grapes were used to replaced Aramon, Terret and Carignan blanc grapes.

Machine harvesters were traded for shears and wood crates. Sustainable agriculture became a focus and nothing was left to chance: leaf-thinning, debudding, hand-harvesting, twice table hand-sorted berries, low and controlled yields.

Our Gems

L’Ancely, la Porte du Ciel, Le Clos des Truffiers

In order to produce the best wines, low yields -approximately 10 hectoliters/hectares (24 acres), were hand-harvested at optimal ripeness, hand-selected berry by berry, vinified in conical fermenters, and then aged two years in new barrels. This nectar is definitely a taste-bud delight!



Didier LACREU Winemaker

The harvest is completely hand-picked in 8 kg wood crates. Once the grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness, they are immediately brought to the cellar to avoid any oxidation.

The grapes are then hand-sorted and approximately 4 to 8 people literally begin to “perform surgery”. Each person meticulously sorts through the berries eliminating those that are not ripe or that have overly ripened and those that have botrytised. Only the perfectly ripe, pristine grapes are retained.

La Clape区位于朗格多克西部,距离地中海沿岸不足10公里,每年光照时间约3000小时,位于地中海地区海拔最高处。主要生产歌海娜、西拉、Mourvèdre, CinsaultCarignan红酒、桃红酒以及Bourboulenc白葡萄酒。 

La Clape

The Château de la Négly is located in the AOP region of Languedoc, 20 km from Narbonne in the heart of the La Clape Mountains.

This World Heritage site, meaning “pile of stones” in Occitan, was an island up until the Gallo-Roman period, and before the Aude’s river sediment deposits became part of the mainland.

Its soil is a sandy limestone originating from very porous, calcareous rock slides, which allows the soil to retain rainwater for the vines.

The sea’s proximity and influence regulate the impact of harsh weather due to the sun and the dry, very powerful northern Tramontane wind on the vines.





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