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Yichang Branch
* Address: Yichang City, Hubei Province along the Yangtze River Road 98 East to 4th floor, Building 403, Room
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* Contact Person: Zhou Wei-zhong
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As a Shanghai Qin Sang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Freight Co., Ltd. Chu Sheng in China, one of the main branches, Yichang Branch since 2005 to establish the date, it's important because of its geographical location in which the company assumed an important ties of the role of trade flows.
Combination of the industry in this region characterized by Yichang, Yichang Branch business to focus on hydropower industry, construction and permanent facilities to import and export; branch since its inception, it has already agents of the Group's overseas projects Gezhouba exports (Yi Langmo Prasad pull, Myanmar Jesus Jiangya hydropower project), but also to undertake the Group the need for the domestic construction projects, procurement of construction equipment from abroad, imports of transport operations. 2005, Yichang branch through transport bidding, winning the Group of Hubei Baoyuan 150,000 cubic meters of high-density fiberboard production line imported complete sets of equipment transport proxy. In practice, the process, give full play to this company's transportation network and the advantages of the Yangtze River water, and successfully passed the examination duty-free import of the project reported that the successful completion of the project's transportation work has won wide acclaim from our customers.
In the future business development process, Yichang Branch will continue to integrate the company's major projects on the advantages of logistics operations, and further increase the large-scale enterprises with the region's logistics project cooperation, to provide customers with a complete business, logistics solution solutions to meet customer demand for personalized service.

Yichang in Hubei region's major branch customers:
1. China Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group Corporation
2. South China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.
3. Hubei Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. tender
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