Trade Agent

Shanghai Qin Sang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. is the country's foreign trade by the General Administration of Customs approved bonded with the country in general trade and trade in import and export rights for domestic producers, foreign trade companies, and foreign offices to provide professional import and export agent service and full flexibility, high-quality, efficient, fast import and export customs clearance.
The company has general taxpayer qualification, the company of honest, trustworthy, efficient, pragmatic, and focus on quality first, service first aims to provide you with satisfactory service, reasonable prices, and the most authoritative declaration of the enterprise solution for responsibility .
Company Agent: mechanical and electrical appliances, electronic products, environmental protection and decorative building materials, medical equipment, reagents, sports products, textiles and garments, shoes, leather, jewelry, ceramics, plastic products, toys, bags, metal products, food, alcohol , beverages, handicrafts, etc. (state limit or prohibit the import and export company, except commodities)
Companies have a number of proficient foreign trade business, professionals familiar with foreign trade practices; have their own foreign trade storage; to provide receiving, inspection, inventory, transportation, customs clearance, the entire cabinet and grocery DOOR TO DOOR worry-free services, such as whole.
Enterprise ERP computer network management system; have the goods into the library, testing, formal storage until shipping the whole process of quality assurance system.

Extension of Special Services to make it more competitive: shipping agents, shipping agents, the agents seized, phytosanitary agents, charge d'affaires Pratt & Whitney Card (charge d'affaires Forma), agent certificate of origin (Agent C / O), Fumigation Certificate (disinfection certificate) handle the mechanical and electrical certificate, important industrial card, emporium re-import certificates, 3C directories, authentication and other related evidence.
Agent import and export declarations port: The company has various ports across the country the right to import and export agent declaration;
Secretary for Foreign Exchange to my account after three working days, you can settlement, agency fee is low, the premise of complete documents, may advance tax rebate will help accelerate the pace of cash flow
Import agent: the client talks with foreign suppliers of basic customary closing conditions, I Division will provide customers with import agent service, as follows:
1. To provide customers with advice, analysis customs policy, planning the introduction of the program.
2. The signing of business contracts for import and track the specific implementation of the contract and progress in implementation.
3. Preparation of imports to help customers do the work of various types of information required for import.
4. Reasonable arrangements for international transport mode, time, insurance and domestic purposes to the customer warehouse Hong Kong transport, storage and insurance.
5. Handling cargo to the port of destination, the import customs clearance, commodity inspection, health inspection and other procedures to achieve rapid clearance.
6. The budget and provide tax relief for imported duty-paid or tax returns procedures
7. Settlement and payment of foreign exchange for import verification procedures

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